The Adidas Terrex free hiker is a boot and a sneaker.


The Adidas terrex is more than just a boot. It is more of a hiking shoe than anything else. But it somehow maintains the athletic appeal of an Adidas sneaker. You could probably crush tin cans with the sole of this shoe, but they feel more comfortable than a boot in every way. 


As boots continue to grow in popularity the market will only demand more boot-like prototypes. How do the Terrex from Adidas separate themselves from the rest?


Its the Adidas design of course. Its a hiking boot in every fashion except appearance. Upon first inspection you might think they were a 90s basketball sneaker. 


The climb for the Terrex line is just beginning and off to a good start, if functionality continues and design succeeds these boots won’t fail. 

You can find a pair of the Adidas Terrex on Adidas Outdoors.com 

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