The Adidas ZX 4000 4D futurecraft are a retro future remix.


The Adidas ZX 4000 4D are clean, based on the classic Adidas ZX line from the 80s these shoes have not only been updated they’ve been remastered.


The ZX have many great silhouettes in their backlog but this one leaves the old look in the dust with the 4D approach. What exactly is 4D technology used for in sneakers? Well it has more to do with 3D printing than anything else. The webbing pattern on the midsoles were created by using 3D printing technology to achieve a cross stitching pattern using something more than cotton.


These futurecrafts just look great and theres really no getting around that, Ive never seen a pattern quite like that on a midsole before. It can only make me excited for future 4D designs. The colors here are vibrant in the right areas, and the rough suede strips almost leave a patch of the past on this updated classic.


I personally can’t wait to see more 4D releases, If you find these appealing you can grab a pair at Adidas.com

Stay tuned for more sneaker updates

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