Nike LeBron Soldier 12 “Toy Story” Review


This is what happens when a beloved basketball shoe meets a beloved animated film from the mid 90s. At least thats what were told with this recent remix of Lebron’s Soldier 12. The resemblance is there, although not uncanny. I understand not every stitching was directly inspired by Toy Story but I am still questioning the use of black and grey tiles on the lace strap.


Maybe if the straps were neon green or something the whole Toy story idea would really solidify itself with this Soldier 12 design. But these have taken on the color scheme of the character Woody from the franchise far more than Buzz Lightyear. Was this even a thing Nike promoted? Well not exactly, at the first glance the Internet was convinced these were inspired by the film with little follow up on exactly why, other than the striking resemblance to Woody from Toy Story.


Whether you see Toy Story in these shoes or not it doesn’t make or break the fact that these are a great addition to the Soldier 12 collection. The shoes features really shine with this colorway and theres enough variety to make them feel fresh. I’m personally  a huge fan of the baby blue leather used on the toe. And the scaly mid pattern thats familiar to the Soldier 12 carries a gold hue and fits nicely with the corresponding heel zipper and the midsole strap latch.


The red is stunning and probably one of the purest reds available in Nike’s factory if I had to guess. The white soles certainly add to the color pattern on display and grey splatters lightly coat the bright white outline.


These are currently available on Nikes website for around $130 while supplies last. Images by Nike.


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