A guide to the Adidas Sobakov.

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The Adidas Sobakov were a hit among Adidas fans new and old when they were revealed late 2018, they draw inspiration from the early 2000s Predator soccer cleats and the more recent Kamanda.


Since its release, the Adidas Sobakov has had its share of recoloring, with close to a dozen options available. The designer Sebastian Markovic has been working close with Adidas on a handful of collaborations this previous year. But its not a secret that this might be his breakout design.

“Sobakov takes inspiration from the collective spirit of terrace style. Blending distinctive elements from archive silhouettes with a progressive design language and modern street tooling, the Sobakov model takes inspiration from terrace to create an everyday silhouette inspired by a sport that unites groups around the world. The shoe’s knitted upper has decorative stitching lines taken from iconic adidas silhouettes.

This is then covered with the classic three stripe mark, wrapping around the heel and then up across the sides. Final touches include a slightly asymmetrical lacing system and branding details, placed atop a gum rubber midsole.” – Sebastian Markovic


The Adidas Sobakov is super casual yet it looks athletic, it could easily be categorized with Adidas running shoes or even an indoor soccer shoe. But its just an Adidas original non-athletic shoe. The unconventional three stripes used on the Sobakov were inspired by the Predator, the stripes are moved in a bit closer on the Sobakov but its nice to see this design carry over well off the soccer field.



This design has been successful for Adidas so far in its run, and I hope we can see the Sobakov take on many different shades as the years go on.

You can find these on Adidas website or Stock







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