Nike Air Max 97 White and Metallic Silver Review.

The Nike Air Max 97 is already considered a staple in the Air Max collection by many, and this version has the “futuristic” look everyone has been talking about. It may look similar but its not quite Wolf Grey.


The metallic silver and bright white make this one of the bolder releases we’ve seen in the recent return of the Air Max 97. I have noticed that the double swooshes as seen on previous releases appear to have been removed. This time around they opted for a single swoosh on one of the two original locations on the midsole mesh area.



The Air Max 97 haven’t looked cleaner than they do now. This release may not be the most popular among Air Max 97 rookies but if you already love this shoe you’re in a good spot.


The Air Max 97 White/Silver will be released in March and will be available on

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