Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy 2019 Review.


The Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy makes a return on the 22nd of February since its first appearance in 2012. This model was a popular release which became very limited very quickly on its initial drop. This time around we can expect equal scarcity as many have been waiting for seven years to avoid paying upwards of $1k to cop a pair.


When the Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy was first released in 2012 it was noteworthy for its graphic use of the Foamposite material. Taking on a space aesthetic has remained common enough but its really pops on these foamposites. The “remove before flight” tabs  are exclusive to the Galaxy, and the Nike logo featured on the tongue appears like it could have been inspired by the Nasa logo.


The Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy is one of the best the Foamposite line has to offer, I anticipate these will be hard to find after a short amount of time.

The Galaxy graphic used may appear slightly different on different sneakers but the galactic pallete will hold the same overall scope on every pair. The black looks perfect for the vibrant space pattern, and the red tabs on the heels and tongue add a dose of solid color which compliments the light blue color used on the sole. Outside of these three primary solid colors we can appreciate the “one of a kind” Galaxy foamposite texture which has made the Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy famous.

nike-zoom-rookie-galaxy-store-list-5.jpgimages by Nike nike-zoom-rookie-galaxy-ci2120-001-release-date-5-2

These will be available on Nikes website this week and also on StockX while supplies last.


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