Asics Gel lyte 3 is teaming up with Gi-Joe and Cobra

Nostalgia is a heavy theme so far in 2019 with recent sneaker releases, but I haven’t heard anyone complain. Collaborations like this is what keeps the industry exciting, with every major release we get some Cobra Asics Gel Lyte 3s to go with it. Both pairs stand on their own, and both look pretty good if you’re already a fan of the Asic Gel Lyte 3.


The Storm Shadow model hits all the notes of the characters color palette. The abstract geometrical patterns are a strange choice for the Storm Shadow pair but they add grey where needed.


The Snake Eyes model of this Gel Lyte 3 is insane. It only uses 4 primary colors to fully capture the spirit of Snake Eyes. The soles appear to have a chipped paint look to them, and the laces help break up the solid tones. There is also art featured on the insole of the Snake Eyes Gel Lyte 3 which I do not have photo reference to. And the soles of the Storm Shadow Gel Lyte 3 feature artwork of a fellow Cobra named Zartan.

gi-joe-asics-gel-lyte-iii-outsole (1)

These are available now on footlockers website.